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The only dedicated Machinery Movement Training School in the UK

Practical Workshop Training

Attendees will work as a team learning how to move machinery and mitigate risks. Workshop training to include safe slinging, jacking and ground movement of lathes, mills, CNC machinery, small vessels etc.

The Training Course

A 3 day course with attendance and assessment accreditation. Introduction to and familiarisation with the safe use of the latest moving equipment to include:

  • Mechanical and Hydraulic Jacks.
  • Machinery moving skates and steering systems.
  • Machine Skoots.
  • Manual counterbalance lifting crane.
  • Low lift wedge and cylinder jacks.
  • Tirfor winches.
  • Pallet trucks, Genie lift.
  • We will supply sample templates and advise on preparation of RAMS.


Selecting the correct equipment and how to use safely.

& Safety

From equipment and PPE to correct safety procedures.

A Move

Identify any problems or potential obstacles to the move.


Asses the risks caused by potential obstructions.

25% Theory
75% Practical

A practical approach to learning, reinforced by theory.


Assessment and certification upon completion of the course.